Below are the field decriptions used in the Clone search tool:

Dataset Defines clone set
Probe ID Unique probe identifier. Will correspond to BASE Reporter.
NIA: accession number
Custom clones: in house identifier
Compugen: oligo ID
Riken: Riken clone name
8K Human: IMAGE number
Parent clone NIA: Original source of NIA clone
Plate, Row, Column, 96 well ID Location of probe stock
(Alternative/5'/3') Accession number GenBank accession number
NIA name, Riken annotation NIA: Gene name
Riken: Gene description
TIGR human/mouse TC Human/mouse TIGR consensus sequence ID
TIGR_Annotation TIGR consensus sequence name
Human/mouse/rat ortholog TIGR consensus sequence orthologs from other species
UGI cluster Unigene cluster number (from SOURCE)
UGI representative Representative sequence of Unigene cluster (from SOURCE)
UGI name Unigene gene name (from SOURCE)
Symbol Gene symbol (from SOURCE)
Aliases Other names for gene (from LocusLink)
LocusLink ID LocusLink ID number (from SOURCE)
Chromosome Chromosome number (from LocusLink)
with chromosomal coordinates (from TIGR)
Map location Genetic or cytological map position (from LocusLink)
Markers STS markers for locus (from LocusLink)
Gene ontology Gene ontology (from SOURCE)
Gene ontology (short) Abbreviated gene ontology (from SOURCE)
Other GO Other gene ontologies (from SOURCE)
Other GO (short) Abbreviated other gene ontology (from SOURCE)
Ensembl number Ensembl gene ID number
MGI number Mouse Genome Informatics gene ID number
SP function Summary of function according to SwissProt
SP location Subcellular localization according to SwissProt
Alive or Dead In house quality control - viability of clone
Sequence Verified NIA defined sequence verification: Yes=correct sequence, Unverifiable=cannot be sequenced, Orphan=incorrect sequence, No=unsequenced
Insert size Length of probe or clone insert
GenBank CDS length Length of CDS according to GenBank entry
PCR status In house quality control - results of probe amplification
Tissue Source of material for cDNA library
Library Source of clone cDNA
Vector Cloning vector information
Poly-A tail Whether a poly-A tail is present on the cDNA clone
Primers Primers used for amplification of probe
datasrc/srckey/evidence Riken clone validation data
Notes Other information