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Clone Finder Page

Clonefinder is a web based search tool for reviewing the cDNA clones held by the IMB microarray facility as well as the content of the microarray sets. The data contained in Clonefinder is based on extracting relevant data from several databases based on Accession number and UniGene or TIGR cluster number (SOURCE, MGI, GenBank, TIGR, RIKEN, UniGene).

FANTOM and RIKEN clones are available Australia-wide and we are the only licensed distributors.

The other clone libraries are only available to IMB staff.

Below are the links to the Clonefinder search tools for the IMB clonesets:

A description of the Clone Resources Page for our facility.
Search the IMB clone resources using BLAST. Find alternative cDNAs and homologues for your genes of interest.
Multiple BLAST searching of the IMB clone resources

An explanation of the clonefinder field descriptions, together with information about the source of the data can be found here.

IMPORTANT: EST clustering is not a perfect science. It is important that you verify a clone's identity by independently BLASTing its sequence tag against the non-redundant database. The data listed in Clonefinder should also be independently verified.